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Save Money with Solar Panels in Sunny El Paso, TX

At American Roofing LLC, we care about helping the El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM, community with safe and affordable solutions for all their roofing needs. That includes energy-efficient insulation and solar panel installation. We offer state-of-the-art solar panel installation that reduce your energy bills up to 80%! Plus, we’ll supply your entire home with LED light bulbs that continue to save you money. With the energy efficiency treatment from American Roofing LLC, you may never have to buy another light bulb, or pay a triple-digit electricity bill again!

Cutting-edge solar panel technology

What do you know about solar panels other than how they work?

You may have heard they can be expensive. You may have even heard they’re not worth the investment. Don’t let word of mouth be your only experience with solar technology. In fact, even though solar panels have not been around as long as the light bulb, the technology that supports them is rapidly changing in a way that both improves efficiency and lowers cost. You may be surprised to find out how well solar panels can work for you on your property when you talk to the experts at American Roofing LLC. Our estimates are always free, so you can call us today to learn more with no obligation.

The solar panels of today include a range of benefits, including:

  • Extremely low energy bill costs
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Increased independence from your local energy company
  • Can withstand damage from rain, hail, and wind up to 250 mph
  • Financing available
  • 25-year service agreement

Most companies will charge you for the removal and reinstallation of solar panels when you need roof repairs beneath the panels. But when you choose to replace your roof and install solar panels with American Roofing LLC, we won’t charge you extra for removing and reinstalling your solar panels. It’s just part of the benefits you get from choosing a full-service roofing company that can help you manage and maintain all aspects of your roof, including the accessories.

REC TwinPeak 2 Series panels with SnapNrack mounts

American Roofing LLC is proud to supply REC TwinPeak 2 Series solar panels to our customers around El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM. These high-efficiency panels provide a great power output thanks to their innovative design that gets the most out of your roof space. This European brand is internationally trusted for residential and commercial rooftops.

To mount your solar panels, the American Roofing LLC team offers the latest in lightweight and safe mount systems from SnapNrack solar mounting solutions. The Series 100 Residential Roof Mount System is low profile for minimal extra materials and labor. Because of its unique, preassembled, stainless-steel snap-in hardware, this system is watertight and quick to install on any roof type. Series 100 is listed to UL standard 2703 for grounding/bonding, fire classification, and mechanical loading. At American Roofing LLC, we’re proud to only offer the best in quality, safety, and efficiency for our customers.

Ask our team about energy-efficient solar panels today! Call us now (915) 538-2437