Extreme Energy Efficiency

American Roofing Pros offers state-of-the-art solar panel installation that can reduce your energy bills up to 80%. We don't stop at just solar energy. American Roofing Pros will supply your entire home with L.E.D. light bulbs that continue to save you money. With the energy efficiency treatment from American Roofing, you may never have to buy another light bulb, or pay a triple digit electricity bill ever again!

Benefits of Solar Panels from American Roofing

What do you know about solar panels other than how they work? You may have heard they can be expensive. You may have even heard they're not worth the investment. Don't let word of mouth be your only experience with solar technology. Call (915) 538-2437 to hear the truth about the power of solar energy.
Sustain damage up to 250 mph wind, rain, and hail
Financing available
Extremely low energy bill costs
Reduce carbon footprint
Become less dependent on the energy company
25-Year Service Agreement (details below)

Service Agreement Details

Most companies will charge you for the removal and re-installation of solar panels when you need roof repairs. But when you choose to replace your roof and install solar panels with American Roofing Pros we won't charge you extra for removing and reinstalling your solar panels.
Two men installing solar panels — Solar panels in El Paso, TX
Solar panels on roof house — Solar panels in El Paso, TX