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All Your El Paso, TX, Roofing Services in One Place

If you live in El Paso, TX, or Las Cruces, NM, or in any of the surrounding communities, there’s only one team you need for all of your roofing services. American Roofing LLC goes way beyond repairing a few loose shingles. Our local team is dedicated to making sure all of our customers feel safe and protected with a solid roof overhead. For your roofing installation, we ensure all of the necessary structural integrity and external accessories to ensure a long-lasting property investment. As a part of our mission to provide exceptional service, we help you stay comfortable with energy-efficient power and insulation to regulate your home’s temperature for lower utility bills year-round.

If you’re interested in any of our services, if it’s time to replace or repair something on your roof, or you simply haven’t thought about your roofs in a long time, we provide a no-obligation estimate. Our expert team will evaluate the state of your roof and explain any safety hazards that could jeopardize your property and everything inside it. But we’ll never pressure you into anything—we want you to choose us to keep your property and family safe.

Our Services

Structural Repair
Architectural Panels
Solar Panels
Rain Gutters

Roofing installation and maintenance

Your roof protects your biggest property investment and everything inside. Give your roof the care, inspections, repairs, and occasional replacements it deserves to avoid leaks and damage. After a storm, or simply normal wear and tear, you need someone to trust who can tell you exactly what your roof needs in order to keep the people underneath it safe.

Structural Repairs

Does your home have a cracked brick wall or are you in need of structural repairs on your property? When a building’s structure is damaged, you need someone to fix it right and fix it fast. With American Roofing LLC, that’s exactly what you get. We’ll always provide you with a free estimate and quality workmanship that comes from only using our own employees and never subcontractors. Jeopardizing your home’s integrity is a serious risk, so don’t delay in contacting our team!

Architectural panels

Let American Roofing LLC give your business a brand-new, sophisticated look to bring it into the 21st century of modern architecture. With modern architectural panels, there’s no need to restrict your commercial, industrial, or residential property’s aesthetics to boring brick and mortar structures. We can install architectural panels in your desired style to attract admiration or potential customers. Use the expert team at American Roofing LLC to start you project today and grow your business tomorrow.

Solar panels

In sunny El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM, why not put the sun’s rays to good use to reduce your energy bills and do something positive for the environment? Utilizing the sun’s energy by installing lightweight solar panels on homes and businesses is becoming more popular and affordable thanks to government support, technological advancements, and increased supply. Contact our team today find out if your property is a good candidate for solar panel installation and how much you might be able to save on your monthly energy bills.

Contact our team today for roofing services! Call us (915) 538-2437