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Transform Your Building with Architectural Panels in El Paso, TX

Are you looking to make your building stand out to catch the eye of customers or to express your unique style? Fiber cement is an extremely durable, low-maintenance, and versatile way to create different architectural designs, ranging from a Victorian manor house to a sleek and contemporary architectural masterpiece.

American Roofing LLC can use architectural panels made from fiber cement to transform your building in El Paso, TX, or Las Cruces, NM. Fiber cement panels are an excellent way to create contrasting colors and styles on a commercial building. Make your business stand out with its own personality and break up the monotony of identical brick-and-mortar structures. Fiber cement can even look like wood or stone without the expense or maintenance of the real thing, especially on large commercial buildings. Architectural panels are an affordable and easy option to elevate your building’s design in a way that better reflects all of the work and care you invest in your business. Talk to our team about installing architectural panels today!

Easy to clean, easy to repair

Today’s cookie-cutter strip mall architecture doesn’t do anything to attract new customers. You spend time and money to design attractive ads and logos that catch people’s attention—why not make your building eye-catching as well? American Roofing LLC in El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM, can transform a dull box of bricks into a sophisticated and modern building with architectural panels. This innovative paneling is the perfect way to give your property character and give your business the future it deserves.

While architectural panels typically are made with a silver or metallic finish, we can easily add color by applying silicone. This not only makes the panels look great, but they are easy to clean once the silicone is applied. Imagine using a simple all-purpose cleaner and some paper towels to remove graffiti instead of spending hundreds of dollars and hours of employee time to rent chemicals, an air compressor, and power washer to scrape it off and repaint.

Service and repairs you can rely on

American Roofing LLC can also do all necessary architectural panel repairs to make sure that your building always looks its best. We use the same technique for paintless dent repair to fix damaged panels. This saves you and your insurance company tons of money and means your business will look brand-new again in no time. Instead of replacing architectural panels every time a big hailstorm rolls in, we can fix the damage quickly and cost-effectively.

If you choose American Roofing LLC for your project to install architectural panels, you know you’ll be taken care of for years and can rest easy about your purchase. Our team will redo any silicone applications as needed for five years, completely free of charge. It’s just one of the ways we offer unparalleled customer service because we truly care about helping the community. Call (915) 538-2437 now to schedule a free estimate and to discuss style and color options with our roofing contractors.

Ask us about assistance with your insurance repair claim! Call us now (915) 538-2437