Innovating Your Building's Architecture


Transform Your Building's Architecture

You do so much for your business to stand out, but have you ever thought of making your building stand out?

Today's cookie-cutter, strip-mall, architecture is boring and doesn't do anything for your customers. American Roofing Pros can transform your dull box of bricks into something sophisticated and modern with architectural panels. This innovative paneling is the perfect way to give your building character and the futuristic look it deserves. Call (915) 538-2437 today.

Easy to Clean, Easy to Repair

Building under blue sky — Architectural panels in El Paso, TX
Windows of the building — Architectural panels in El Paso, TX
While the panels typically are made with a silver or metallic finish, American Roofing Pros can easily add color by applying silicone. It not only makes the panels look great, they are easy to clean once the silicone is applied. Imagine using a simple all-purpose cleaner and some paper towels to remove graffiti instead of spending hundreds on renting chemicals, an air compressor, and power washer.

American Roofing Pros uses the same technique for paint-less dent repair to fix damaged panels. This saves you and the insurance company tons of money. Instead of replacing the architectural panels every time a hail storm rolls in, we can simply and cost effectively fix the damage.

American Roofing Pros will also re-do any silicone applications for 5 years, completely FREE. Call (915) 538-2437 now to get started.