32 Years of Construction & Repair Experience

American Roofing Pros provides a unique service experience to its customers by offering home restoration services that go along with one another. This saves you money from having to call one business to fix your roof, and another to install solar panels, and yet another for rain gutters. We don't just specialize in one area of our services; we specialize in all of them. Make that one phone call now at (915) 538-2437.

American Roofing Stamp of Approval

When you hire someone you want them to do the job, not someone else. At American Roofing Pros, you call us and we do the job. You deserve the craftsmanship and professionalism of an American Roofing employee, not some fly-by-night subcontracting company. Trust a company that cares more about its customer's needs than their pocketbooks.

A Truly Positive Customer Experience

The same care that goes into our insurance claim assistance goes into everything we do with you. From the physical work and estimate meetings to phone calls and emails, American Roofing Pros treats you like a person, not an invoice. We're dedicated to you and turning your home or business into something that will last a long time. Call (915) 538-2437 today, to start getting treated like a person.