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El Paso, TX, Roofing and Home Repair Professionals

The Right Roofers For You

American Roofing LLC is a roofing contractor dedicated to making your home or business structurally sound and energy efficient. Based in El Paso, TX, we’re licensed and insured to work on homes and business through the El Paso area and all the way into Las Cruces, NM, across state lines and into the neighboring communities.

Our service doesn’t stop on the roof of your home or business. American Roofing LLC also provides structural damage repair, solar panel installation, rain gutters, and more. We never hire subcontractors to do our work. When you call American Roofing LLC, we’re always the ones creating the estimate and doing the work. Plus, we’ll stay in touch to answer your questions along the way.

Don’t settle for someone who can only fix your roof. Call American Roofing LLC because we go the extra mile to make sure your home and business are safe and properly repaired all the way down to the decking. Contact our team today to schedule a free estimate on site, where we can inspect your property personally and explain our recommendations.

Our roofing services

When we say roofing services, we actually mean a whole lot more then your roof. If it’s time to repair or replace a commercial or residential roof, our team can handle that project with any kind of roofing material. We do all of the work ourselves, never through subcontractors, so you know you’re getting the kind of high-quality work you expect for your money.

We also handle structural repairs to your property and provide architectural panels to update the façade of your business from boring to beautiful. In the process of any of these projects, it can be a good idea to inspect, update, or install a rain gutter system with gutter guards to make sure that your new roof properly drains water away from your foundation. Finally, if you’re interested in reducing your monthly energy costs, you can talk to our team about installing solar panels on any commercial or residential roof to take advantage of the abundant sunshine we have in this region.

Structural Repair
Architectural Panels
Solar Panels

Get in touch with us

To get in touch with the experts at American Roofing LLC in El Paso, TX, you can call us at (915) 538-2437
to schedule a free, on-site estimate with a professional contractor from our team. You can also email us if you have questions about our service area or our team’s capabilities at Another easy way to contact us is to visit the contact page and fill out the online form with your information and questions. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

We’ll help you schedule an estimate and one of our professional team members will visit your property and inspect your roof. We’ll share our findings and explain how each of our recommendations can help improve the structural integrity and overall safety of your roof in a way that prevents leaks, flooding, and other hazards before they become expensive problems.

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